Monday, June 29, 2009

Kiddos and Camping

I keep promising to get this post up and I keep getting interrupted. Or my computer does something wonky (technical term there) and I have to restart causing a loss of my nearly finished post. Or my Pinky comes by and does something very "cool". yeah.

So here's the basics of the camping trip we took just over a week ago:
-It was our first Cub Scout Family Outing
-It wasn't so much camping as pitching a tent in our almost backyard
-Since we need two tents for Family Outings, we need a more efficient way of corralling the kiddos while Daddy Bear and I get the tents pitched.
-Overall, it was a blast and I'm even more excited about being a Cub Scout leader!

And here's our campsite!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baby and Cub Scout Training

Angel is finally old enough for Cub Scouts! Daddy Bear has been chomping at the bit for the last 3 years or so for this moment. And here we are, Cub Scout Training! Daddy Bear and I did BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation) training today. Baby came with us and for the most part it was manageable. I even held her while she slept and made my own foil pouch lunch. Sorry, I wasn't skilled enough to take pics of the process too. Next time. :P Next time the opportunity presents itself, I will document the entire process.

I'm super excited we're doing this and I can't wait to get started with the Den. I'll find out on Tuesday if I am the Den Leader or not. There was another mom who was interested but she just moved to the area and might be too busy to do this right now. If she really wants it, I'll still be assistant leader and I've already met another mom who wants to help, but not have an official position.

BALOO was fun, next training: Cub Scout Leader Specific Training in two weeks!

Now I'm off to bake "fairy cakes" ;) for Pebbles!