Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pebbles and Baking

Pebbles and Pinky have a birthday party at the end of the week and I'm on the hunt for a good cupcake from scratch recipe for said event. Pebbles loves strawberry so I started with this Strawberry Shortcake cupcake recipe from Cake Central. Pebbles was a great help in the kitchen, pouring, mixing, and good conversation. I ended up adding a bit more milk to the frosting, about 1 1/2 Tbsp, it was really stiff when I was mixing it. The cupcakes came out looking a bit dense and dry, I got worried. I only baked them for 10 minutes and they were probably done closer to 8 minutes in, these are cuppies to keep an eye on.

This is the frosting with about 1/2 cup of strawberry preserves. I like the look of some whole fruit in there. I let it sit in the fridge through dinner to set.

After dinner, I pulled the frosting out of the fridge and frosted the cupcakes. Pebbles was getting very excited.

The kids gobbled them down in the time it took me to take these pics, as did Daddy Bear.


Overall, they were alright. Not as dry as I initially thought, but very dense. I should have refrigerated them after frosting them again, as the frosting oozed down the sides once the wrapper came off. I've got a few more chilling right now to test that theory.



Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby and Bowling

So as I was sitting there last night nursing Baby during my first league bowling game, it hit me, "Hey! I'm nursing during a bowling game!" Who does that? Me. And...? Sure other moms do all kinds of stuff with their kids, but this is different. This was me, having fun with other adults, having a full conversation, and being as grown up as I'm going to get. And yes, it can be done without being a bad mom.

Nana came to bowling with us last night, that made my first league game a lot easier. In fact I never saw Baby unless she was hungry! Nana took immense pride in showing off Baby and had fun chatting it up with Green Momma. Everyone ooh'd and ahh'd and for the second week in a row, there were no problems having Baby there! We'll see in the next couple weeks how it works out as the various options for play present themselves. I'm not such a great bowler, but Daddy Bear assures me that will come with time. I dunno, scoring 34, 77, and 39 an coming up a 153 handicap doesn't sound so promising to me!

That's Daddy Bear bowling in February, the game that started it all!