Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby and Bowling

So as I was sitting there last night nursing Baby during my first league bowling game, it hit me, "Hey! I'm nursing during a bowling game!" Who does that? Me. And...? Sure other moms do all kinds of stuff with their kids, but this is different. This was me, having fun with other adults, having a full conversation, and being as grown up as I'm going to get. And yes, it can be done without being a bad mom.

Nana came to bowling with us last night, that made my first league game a lot easier. In fact I never saw Baby unless she was hungry! Nana took immense pride in showing off Baby and had fun chatting it up with Green Momma. Everyone ooh'd and ahh'd and for the second week in a row, there were no problems having Baby there! We'll see in the next couple weeks how it works out as the various options for play present themselves. I'm not such a great bowler, but Daddy Bear assures me that will come with time. I dunno, scoring 34, 77, and 39 an coming up a 153 handicap doesn't sound so promising to me!

That's Daddy Bear bowling in February, the game that started it all!

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