Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kiddos and the Zoo!

We got memberships to the Santa Ana Zoo yesterday. What an adventure! Got there later than we hoped, fed the kids lunch, got in, ran into friends, went back out to hang with them through their lunch, got back in, Pebbles scraped up her elbow, saw some monkeys, and headed home.

They finally have a Bald Eagle there again.

"Spirit" is a juvenille Bald Eagle on loan from the US Dept of Fish and Game. He's beautiful!

All in all the kids had a grand time and we look forward to many more trips this summer to fill up our lazy dayz!

Pebbles takes her hydration very seriously!

Angel ponders the swans...

...and the swans ponder back.

Pinky and Baby are excited to see "Spirit"!

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