Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pinky and Milk

At the risk of offending or grossing some out, Pinky has had some digestive issues that have inspired us to investigate a possible lactose intolerance. This first involves purging all lactose from her system for a week. Easy enough, right?

No milk? Check.

No cheese? Check.

No ice cream? Sadly, check.

*sigh* That girl loves her ice cream.

No bread? What? Really?


Okay, but most proteins should still be okay, right? She loves chicken nuggets!




Yeah, sorry.

Most breaded chicken uses milk as a binder to get the breading to stick to the meat.

I was so careful to order her hot chocolate at Starbucks with soy milk and no whip. Forgot the chocolate syrup part of the hot chocolate.

Daddy Bear wanted to spoil the Bambinos with doughnut holes for breakfast. Milk. Darn.

There's only one pizza place in the area that doesn't use milk in their dough. Thank you Papa John's!

So we're on the hunt for lactose free foods. And it isn't easy. I'll update next weekend. If her digestive issues haven't been resolved, we move on to something else.

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